Middle Class Melodies (2020) starring Anand Devarakonda (Vijay Devarakonda‘s brother) and Varsha Bollamma is a movie with a simple story and it was entertaining.  I liked this feel-good movie, a genre which has become a rarity in recent times.

Raghava, a graduate living in a small town dreaming of becoming big by cashing his culinary skills. Did he succeed by setting up a restaurant in the nearby city of Guntur and did he marry his sweetheart is the story?

Director Vinod Anantoju has a done job in the casting. Every character including Chaitanya Garikipati as Gopal, Divya Sripada as Gauthami and Goparaju Ramana as Kondalrao were perfect for their roles.

A large mango tree in front of a shop plays an important role in the film. There are no villains, there are no bad guys, and there were no cinematic dialogues or exaggerated losses or gains. Check out this film, a fine family entertainer.

Varsha Bollamma and Anand Devarakonda

Varsha Bollamma and Anand Devarakonda

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