A young engineer who stays clear of the job market, instead, invents “innovative” gadgets which remind high-school projects for solving everyday problems but fails to get a break. A seven-year-old girl falls into a 200-feet borewell and the entire government machinery under the local collector works day & night to rescue the child, but they keep hitting one barrier after another. A bloodthirsty group of Hindi-speaking thieves who target only the large jewellery stores, they leave no clue, and the Tamil Nadu police department is unable to catch them. The hero grows up inspired by his father, a police constable, and also angry at the system that prevents his father from getting promoted due to his honesty. The love interest of the hero works as a nurse in a hospital, where the hero takes his mother for a check on flimsy excuses. A rich poultry farmer follows harmful farming practices, which is exposed through a viral video by our hero. A corrupt police officer for his gain allows the kidnapping of an innocent child, who gets rescued by the hero.

If you are wondering what are the above many stories doing in a single movie, you are not alone. I am under similar confusion after watching Ayngaran (2022) starring G V Prakash Kumar. Instead of a movie, I got the impression of watching a web series that was not well written. Aadukalam Naren has got a good role and he utilises it. There is no chemistry between GV & Mahima Nambiar, who has no role of significance in the film. Had the director Ravi Arasu narrowed on one of the many plots and remained focused, we could’ve got an enjoyable film. Available on Aha Video, the film gets only a ‘Rotten’ rating.

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