Sleeping in a coma for years and waking up to a world that has passed a long ago is an intriguing plot for storytelling. Along with Time Travel movies, this is one of my favourites. The german film Good Bye Lenin (2003), employed the coma patient waking up plot effectively where the protagonist recreates the communist berlin for his mother.  The Tamil film Comali (2019) by debut director Pradeep Ranganathan falls short in his execution. Jayam Ravi has given an admirable performance as a student. Had the screenplay and the sub-plots in the second half been a little stronger and more detailed, Comali could’ve been a fantastic film. It wasn’t, so gets our mangoidiots rating of Raw. I liked the character of Yogi Babu, as a responsible family man and a good friend.

I liked the scenes where Jayam Ravi’s character after waking up after two decades is getting adjusted to the transformed world around him. The scene where he mistakes Kajal Aggarwal’s character gesture as her consent stood out. I wish this adjustment was explored further and I was looking forward to the comedy that would’ve followed.

Jayam Ravi as Ravi N. and Kajal Aggarwal as Rithika Mohan

Jayam Ravi as Ravi N. and Kajal Aggarwal as Rithika Mohan

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