It is not often you see films that have a simple plot, great acting and clean of heroism and commercial elements. Wonder (2017) is one such film. A young boy named Auggie who is home tutored so far is about to go to middle school – the challenge is that his face looks unusual due to the multiple surgeries he has undergone to treat a genetic disorder – so he is afraid of how other kids will look at him and treat him.

Normally, when you have a powerful protagonist, the film tends to be only about that character. In Wonder, we get to see not only see things from Auggie’s perspective, but also from the eyes of his best friend Jack, Auggie’s sister Via, and, from Via’s best friend Miranda’s view – this gives an unbiased, holistic view into the happenings. The screenplay was awesome. When Via asks Auggie not to come to her school play, Auggie goes to his room crying thinking she is ashamed to have her friend see his deformed face; going to pacify him Via says “Everything (in this house) is not about you” – typical of how a sibling feels towards another.  Most of the main characters in the film are seen in their best and worst behaviours – showcasing that humans are never black and white, they are always in grey.

The film shows how important it is to have a caring family to nurture and support kids when they grow up. Auggie and Via, both go through their share of fears and anxieties but they overcome them due to the support of their parents. Whereas, Miranda and Justin, struggle their way, due to poor parenting.

A good film.

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