The film opens with a bridegroom waiting for the bride to come into their bedroom, we understand they are newlywed and the wedding happened a few days back by the withered garlands on the hook. The lady comes in and goes about unwrapping wedding gifts to the disappointment of her husband. She answers him saying her best friend is pestering her to give feedback on her gift and that’s why she is doing the job now. There is a knock on the door, the husband is called out where he finds the entire neighbourhood of the small village, he learns that the goat his grandmother had been grooming for sacrifice to local God (Lord Muniyandi) was stolen by someone and they had recovered it back. In this starting five minutes itself, Director Suresh Sangaiah makes it clear that the film is about the goat and the couple played by Vidharth of Mynaa fame & Raveena Ravi (famed dubbing artiste). 

The next day the entire village travels in a lorry to the temple of Lord Muniyandi for the sacrifice, most of them eagerly waiting to taste the meat of the homegrown goat. On the way, an accident happens and all the villagers are petrified about what to do. Whether we are from a village or a city all of us are generally fearful and law-abiding, but we become bold and often stupid when we are surrounded by our known crowd. That’s exactly how the entire village faces the accident and try to cover it up. Here, the Director has captured the mob mentality finely. Dialogues spoken in those scenes are well written. During all this, the Goat remains a silent spectator. What happens to the Goat and did the villagers get caught, makes the remainder of the film.

Excellent casting choice by Director. Every one of the actors has done their character to perfection. I expected lot more from the lawyer character but he turned out to be a comedy piece.

Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu scores were high, as it doesn’t lose its focus anywhere from the accident. No flashback and no background stories. Movies of this type are a rarity in Indian cinema. A good movie to watch.

ஒரு கிடாயின் கருணை மனு

ஒரு கிடாயின் கருணை மனு

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