Vai Raja Vai (வை ராஜா வை) is a 30-minute TV episode stretched into two hours. Apart from the main characters we see S J Surya, Baskar, Manobala and many more faces who come and go on screen for no real reason. Actress Taapsee Pannu‘s (she was a software engineer before coming to acting) casting is underutilized by not giving her a song sequence, what a disappointment! Just like software design, stripping to the bare minimum is an art, pun not intended, art Director Ayshwarya Dhanush will learn as she gains experience.

The film is about a young man who sees the danger that is to occur in his immediate future, growing into a  predictor of the future who is being used by gambling gangs. An interesting plot that was not capitalized on in storytelling and filmmaking.

Other than one love song between the hero Gautam Karthik and heroine Priya Anand, the rest of the other songs, which I lost count were inserted just like TV commercial breaks are inserted by channels. I generally don’t look for expressions in newcomers, but Gautam Karthik should have delivered better, there was no change in body language and expressions delivery. Vivek‘s comedy was stale just like his on-screen character, especially the part in the female costume he plays as the love interest of Baskar.

From the Director who produced a fine cinema in “3,” this is a wasted opportunity.

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