I (2015) by Shankar (சங்கரின் “ஐ”), is good entertainment. Has all the ingredients of Director Shankar movie, all superlatives in makeup & sets are present. Vikram has done a phenomenal performance. Amy comes around looking gorgeous. Fight sequence in China, performed on rooftops while riding bicycles are great, comparable to Jackie Chan sequences. PC Sriram has captured the beauty of flower gardens well.  A transgender character on screen falls in love with Vikram, it is played by makeup artist Ojas Rajani,  Shankar should be appreciated for giving this important character to a real transgender.

Movie length at ~185 mins is too long for my liking. Similarly 5 villains are too much, which is the main reason for the drag. Other than one song (Pookkalae Sattru Oyivedungal)  AR Rahman is missing. Couldn’t help remembering Anniyan in many places.

A good movie to enjoy, but if you went expecting anything fresh, you will be a disappointed lot.


சங்கரின் ஐ


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