Saivam (சைவம்) starring veteran actor Nassar is directed by A.L.Vijay. Child actress Sara Arjun of Deiva Thirumagal fame comes in the lead role and does her character charmingly, the whole film rests on her tiny shoulders. The story is about a typical Tamil family in a small town. The grandparents live in the town with one of their son, daughter-in-law and their little daughter (Sara). For a temple function, uncles & aunts with their children visit the village. Due to a small incident the family is reminded of a contribution they had prayed to their village deity, it is to sacrifice a  Rooster (சேவல்) which they have been raising in their house. Rest of the film is how the little girl saves her pet Rooster. Available on Hotstar India, the film gets a Ripe for its unconventional plot.

சைவம் (2014)

சைவம் (2014)

After the Rooster escapes, for unexplainable reason the film ends with the entire family converting to vegetarianism. We are left wondering how is saving a temple contribution connected to not eating meat?. One scene of the highlight is where the Director shows how the family members in their selfish interest become obsessed with the missing Rooster. All of them acting irrationally over a small missing bird, ready to even pay ransoms. Each one viewing the act of contribution to village deity as a ticket to their individual success – love or money or job that they are dreaming in their life. Other than this scene, the film moves uneventful, slow paced mostly.

The song “Azhagu” song by Utthara Unnikrishnan and composed by G.V.Prakash is a nice melody, even though it reminds of a similar song “Nila Kaikiradhu” from “Indira” sung by Harini, Azhagu song is still enjoyable.

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