I like Bruce Willis movies and I had been wanting to watch this movie but did it only today. The movie’s premise was very interesting, humans are living safe inside their houses and come out/do all their activities using a Robot which acts as their surrogates. Kind of like Avatar but this is all humans and in earth. So I had good expectation for this movie “Surrogates”.

It turns out the movie has wasted a great plot with poor imagination & execution, Bruce Willis is wasted too. First there is not much a suspense or rather it is not told correctly. Second lots of loopholes in the story, why should surrogates be doing sane things as humans & limited by Human capabilities – when they can jump as high as they want, why should they use a cell-phone to communicate, why use a computer monitor and mouse, why use the same cars as humans and the list goes on. The surrogates are supposed to be used worldwide including in China, Russia – how on earth will they let an American Private Corporation (VSI) control their lives, how the poor in the world who can’t even be reached to get safe water by their governments get a surrogate. How could all this have happened in just 14 years.

Overall, you can certainly live it through the movie.


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