Most of the talks were about Mobile content, everyone seems to be obsessed with that single idea, the next idea is social networking in online space. Some of what I heard in the day:

The biggest challenge is the variety and difference of off-deck sites and the way you work with careers, the consumer experience is so different that you have to teach them to get each site working. The other challenge is I watch two videos, do a call my battery dies. You have now plenty of content now available, the real need is how to discover them. The reason why YouTube is successful it makes the finding of content like what people are watching made very easy.  2% (or 6 Million or so) of the 240 Million subscribers in the USA have downloaded ever a video on their mobile. The off-deck world is important because you can do sharing of content between subscribers of different careers. The careers have no big interest in scaling video downloads in their network.

Bernard Gershon Sr.VP of ABC News says it is 2 years away from where people are going to be very comfortable watching videos on Mobile. Tammy Franklin VP of Turner Broadcasting said Phone is still a Hardware business, the phone needs to have the capability to play videos and people are stuck in 2.5G and their present plans before you can move them. There was a mention on how OEM and Device manufacturer would like to get the service revenue, they feel left out and now with iPhone, they are tempted again.

In another track there was a demo of Titan TV that helps local Television stations to go broadband, Titan does the encoding, geographically based advertisements, etc.

I was interviewed today about Vishwak twice in Digital Hollywood at and

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