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Kodiyil Oruvan (2021)

Vijay Antony is known to opt for interesting stories to compensate for his acting skills, but Kodiyil Oruvan (கோடியில் ஒருவன்) is a cookie-cutter good vs evil story and a lazy screenplay. It is about an IAS aspiring youngster who is forced to fight the local politician(s) in order to save the students living in the community from taking to alcohol and crimes. Director Ananda Krishnan, whose Metro (2016) was good, has made a mediocre film. The film which made a theatrical release in September is now available on Amazon Prime Video, gets my ‘Rotten’ rating.

Vijaya Raghavan (Vijay Antony) is born on a traumatic night where a local politician kills his father and sets fire to his pregnant mother. The honest woman vows to have her son reach a position of power to do good to their village. Puzzlingly the story abandons that thread and brings Vijaya Raghavan to Chennai where he gets in conflict with the powerful and the bad in the city. How he wins his battles (pun intended) and reaches his goal is the story.

Aathmika was a good choice and plays well the role of Meera K, the love interest for Vijaya Raghavan.  Super Subbarayan as the local politician was good too. Other than them, the other characters were forgettable. The song Naan Varuven composed by Nivas K. Prasanna was memorable.

Kodiyil Oruvan (கோடியில் ஒருவன்)
Kodiyil Oruvan (கோடியில் ஒருவன்)

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