Sir (2018) is a good film about social inequality and the cultural differences between the city and the villages in modern India. Told from the angle of a maid working for the son from an affluent family in Mumbai, the film communicates this without being sensual or artificial anywhere. Reading the description I got a different impression on what the movie will be and would’ve probably skipped it had it not been for a recommendation on Facebook by a friend. Though it was released in Cannes three years ago, it got a theatrical release only a few months ago and is now available on Netflix, and you should check it out.

Tillotama Shome has played the role of the maid Ratna very well. She is a young widow from a remote village in Maharashtra who comes to the city to take the job to escape the social restrictions (for a widow) in the conservative society back home. When the movie starts we see Ratna returning to Mumbai after she was called back suddenly. Soon we learn that her boss Ashwin (played by Vivek Gomber) is returning to the house and his wedding got cancelled.  Ratna cooks for Ashwin and maintains the house well. From the beginning, her character comes out to be strong, smart and impeccably honest. She natures the aspiration to be a fashion designer and goes for it. Vivek Gomber brings to life the character of Ashwin, who is educated and understanding.

I liked the dialogues in the last fifteen minutes that transpires between Ratna and Ashwin, though brief they felt real and honest; they capture the reality of India. Be warned though, the film progresses pretty slow and mostly happens within the apartment.

Vivek Gomber & Tillotama Shome - Sir (2018)

Vivek Gomber & Tillotama Shome – Sir (2018)

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