Bailando con Margot aka Dancing with Margot is a Cuban detective film by Director Arturo Santana. The film was screened online by ICAF in partnership with the Embassy of Cuba.

The story happens on the day of the Cuban revolution taking over the capital Havana on the new year eve of 31st December 1958. A talented detective Rafa gets called to a mansion to investigate a priceless painting being stolen the night before. The owner, a wealthy widow named Margot hides the dark secrets of her husband which she is not comfortable revealing to the detective. How the detective solves the theft is the story?

Though the premise is solving the theft, the film actually takes us on a trip back on the past, many decades ago, to a Cuba before the revolution, where the gangsters ruled the day and enjoyed a great life – with women, alcohol, cigars and the fame that money brings in. It takes us through a time when the poor in Cuba could travel to the north (USA) and by hard-work earn themselves a fortune the right way.

Bailando con Margot (2018) aka Dancing with Margot

Bailando con Margot (2018) aka Dancing with Margot

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