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Vivegam (2017)

Let there be no doubt, Vivegam (2017) is a film wherein every frame there is Ajith Kumar. Make no mistake this is a film for Ajith fans, there is no effort made to please others. Fans have been served an extravagant meal by Director Siva. Starting even before the title cards, the action starts and continues non-stop (many times we are left wondering why) till the credit roll.

Ajith comes as an international spy living in Eastern Europe (why?) with his wife played by Kajal Aggarwal. Thanks to Cinematographer Vetri we are treated to breathtaking views of mountains and the beautiful cities in Slovenia, Bulgaria & Serbia – locations not familiar to Tamil audiences. Akshara Haasan makes her Debut in Tamil Films with a role as a computer hacker. Vivek Oberoi‘s character felt monotonous, for an important role, a lot more could’ve been brought out.  The plot, action sequences, and chases were predictably unbelievable, but the hard work and effort of Ajith, Director Siva and the entire crew are clearly visible. I wish they focused a bit on the story as well.

Bottom line, if you are into James Bond genre films and you like Ajith, you will enjoy Vivegam.

Vivegam (2017) - விவேகம்
Vivegam (2017) – விவேகம்

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  • venkatarangan

    I got comments for this post in my Facebook page, I will reproduce my replies here:

    1. I meant no disrespect to James Bond movies. Imitation is the best form of flattery. I agree this film failed in its story department, but action sequences were not bad – they were entertaining for a fan (which I am not).

    2. We have been forewarned with the trailer and Ajith’s other recent films didn’t do any better in the story department. Still, we went (paying) for the movie.I don’t want to go sulking all the way and complaining afterwards, wasting my money. After the first few minutes, I decided to switch off my brain and decided to enjoy the film, which I did. I never said this was a good cinema, it was just entertaining.

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