I saw this movie Shattered (2007) today in Sony PIX channel. The suspense on why Pierce Brosnan was doing what he is doing, was so captivating I watched the movie well past midnight even though I was very tired after a long day and a morning flight back to Chennai from Bangalore.

The movie was acted by Pierce Brosnan, Maria Bello & Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler plays Neil Randall, a Chicago advertising executive who has everything going for him. On an outing with his wife (Maria Bello) they find themselves hijacked by Tom Ryan (Pierce Brosnan), a mysterious stranger who tells them his associate has their daughter captive and if they wish to see her alive again, they must complete a series of arduous and cryptic challenges. The next 24 hours the couple is put through tremendous amount of mental torture and Tom ruins Neils’ career & about to make him a killer as well.  What makes the plot very interesting is that you have no idea why he is doing it and what he is after. The climax solves the puzzle and answers this, but kind of happens quickly for all the build-up.

One of the reviewer in IMDB has nicely written about the movie, so I am quoting it here: “While the media blitz that tends to foreshadow most movie releases undoubtedly benefits the film studios, in this case I can honestly say that knowing zero about this film going in actually worked in its favor, and has me marking it as one not to be missed


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