I have watched few Hindi movies, main reason being I understand little of the language. Though I can read and write Hindi (since I was in a CBSE school where it was compulsory till 8th standard), strangely I cannot understand the language much.

Last week in NDTV, I saw the coverage of a new movie produced by Sanjay Dutt – “Dus Kahaniyaan”. Somehow the idea of 10 different short stories made into one single movie interested me, especially the part “Shabana Azmi” playing a south indian grandmother. So today we went to the movie in Sathyam Cinemas “Season” theatre. Before I say about the movie I liked Satyam’s online booking which includes facility to order snacks and softdrinks as well (these are delivered to your seat during interval). The movie was certainly a different experience, with each director doing their best to set the character, highlight the background and tell the story all in 15 minutes. If you a regular movie goer, don’t miss this movie. I saw a good review from Times of India about the movie, which reflects pretty much what I had to say and has said it better.

Dus Kahaniyaan (2007)

Dus Kahaniyaan (2007)

BTW, at few instances I did ask my wife to help me in understanding of the dialogues :-)

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