Having read this to be a time-loop based story, I was looking forward to this film, Jango (2021). Unfortunately, the film was a disappointment. The story’s crux is a familiar theme of a rogue scientist experimenting with human lives for his personal fame and gain, and the hero working against odds to save the world, in this case, he uses poorly the advantage provided by time-loop. There are aliens, space research, brain surgery, murder mystery and the kitchen sink thrown in. The story also includes an estranged couple with the husband trying desperately to get together. I wish the crew had done well, but the film only gets my rotten rating.

There is zero chemistry between the lead pair, Satheesh Kumar as Gowtham and Mirnalini Ravi as Nisha, which makes it impossible to emphasize their characters. It is unbelievable that no one else in their workplaces and even the media knows they were married. Hareesh Peradi, comes as the protagonist, but his role is confusing, to say the least. It is a mystery where he gets all the resources to do his activities and to build anything he imagines which even the entire government machinery is struggling with. To counter the ‘bad’ scientist, we are shown a ‘good’  scientist with a long white beard – this gentleman is a psychologist, a medical doctor, a space scientist and (wait for it) also the defence advisor to the Government of India.

ஜாங்கோ (2021) - Mirnalini Ravi and Satheesh Kumar

ஜாங்கோ (2021) – Mirnalini Ravi and Satheesh Kumar

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