Tehran Taboo (2017) is an animated film on the lives of three women living in Tehran. Initially, I thought the film will be about the underbelly of Tehran, but it talks about the miseries and compromises that the less privileged go through in any of the large cities in the world. The film is available on Kanopy.

The film by Ali Soozandeh – who is settled in Germany since 1995 – is intense and the storytelling is so detailed that we are quickly drawn into the lives of the main characters. The first one is a mother who raises her young son alone as her drug addict husband is behind bars and refusing to give her divorce, she turns herself to be a mistress to a court judge. Her neighbour is a pregnant lady, with the aspiration of becoming a teacher to which her husband is refusing to give permission. The third is a young lady about to get married but is afraid of harm from her husband due to a night she spent in an underground bar. By the end of the film, the lives of the three women turn in different ways than we expect.

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