Chennai Palani Mars (சென்னை பழனி மார்ஸ்) is a film about a hero dreaming of travelling to Mars by his thoughts and some brilliant formulae. Written by Actor Vijay Sethupathi and Biju Viswanath, this could’ve been an out-of-the-world film, instead, it fails to even cross the locality.  Please stay away from this film and save your time.

The film benefits from good camera work which sets the mood perfectly and is aided by upbeat musical scores. The writers have set up a good premise – a brilliant scientist who is also a drug addict, another drug addict who is a  talented singer, a combo consisting of an incompetent Police Sub-Inspector & a Constable who wishes to see him fail, a software engineer who keeps attempting suicide, and, a drug-smuggling gang – with all this there was great storytelling possibilities, sadly, due to a weak screenplay and unimaginative sequences the film crew has thrown it all away.

I liked the roles of the Police SI and Constable combo, unfortunately, throughout the film, they keep repeating similar acts, making it tiring to watch. If the hero had been ruthless in his pursuit, the film would’ve come out realistic, instead, the director keeps trying to show him likeable and that makes his character untrue.

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