Maayavan (2017) is an engaging cop thriller with a sci-fi angle. C.V.Kumar has produced many enjoyable films in the last few years, now as a Director in Maayavan, he has hit a home run.

Sundeep Kishan (from Maanagaram) is a police officer, working in the crime department. He is faced with solving a series of murders, all done in the same manner but by different people – the murderers die too, but the murders continue. How do you stop a criminal who is dead? That’s what Maayavan answers. Maayavan reminded me of a Sci-Fi thriller I read a few years ago – Daemon by Daniel Suarez – and shades of Bogan (2017).

Sundeep has given a good performance, this movie will be a stepping stone for him. Lavanya Tripathi is the heroine, appearing as a psychiatrist, she has done her role well. She is shown to be treating skillfully Sundeep out of his mental trauma. Jackie Shroff  & Daniel Balaji make great opponents to the hero. Ghibran’s background score keep the suspense alive throughout.

There was a bit too much blood for my taste, but that made the crime come out gory as it should be.

If you wish for a good thriller, watch Maayavan – he can cast a magic on you.

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