A film titled Rangoon (2017) as you will expect begins in Myanmar (Burma). A Tamil mother with her two kids starts her travel to Chennai to join her husband working there. One of the kids, a young boy “Venkat” (Gautham Karthik) grows up in the local Burma Nagar in Chennai. Through the help of his friend running an Atho Kadai (Burmese food stall), he lands a job in a small jewellery run by a local businessman Gunaseelan alias Chiyan. Venkat grows up in his job, getting entrusted with running a small shop owned by their owner along with his two friends. They get the job of their life of transporting Gold bars illegally to Burma. Why they do it, did they succeed in it is “Rangoon”. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a freelance singer of Burmese origin, played by Sana Makbul whose role is limited to adding beauty quotient to the film.

Though the story of back-stabbing and business rivalry is a familiar theme in Tamil cinema, Director Rajkumar Periasamy has succeeded in giving an interesting film. Gautham Karthik as an ambitious youth has done well, he is improving on all departments, especially the scene in Rangoon when he breaks down after losing everything is some good performance. The film exposes for layman how the illegal money exchange called “Hawala” works and also the working of familiar Gold smuggling. For benefit of Tamil audience, cinematographer Anish Tharun Kumar has captured lively visuals of Rangoon. For a film that’s firmly grounded with the locality, heroine Sana Makbul feels out of place and throughout she comes out artificial.

Rangoon is a good watch if you are looking for some good action and seeing Rangoon.

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