Movie Review

Magadheera (2009)

After watching S.S.Rajamouli‘s mega hit Baahubali and previous to that Naan E, I was interested in watching his previous films. Today I saw his previously grand historic fiction Magadheera (2009) starring Chiranjeevi‘s son Ram Charan.

The film happens across a period of 400 years, beginning with present day where Harsha, a bike racer falling in love at first touch with Indu. Trying to find Indu he recollects his previous incarnation 400 years back where he was commander in chief of Udayghad kingdom, deeply in love with princess Mithra. Unfortunately due to treachery of fellow countryman Ranadev Billa (played by Dev Gill) the couple is killed and they die with broken heart. In this new life, Harsha is determined to save Indu from the villain Raghuveer (incarnation of Ranadev Billa) and marry her, which he does with bravery and help from his friend Solomon (played by late Sri Hari).

I found the first one hour of the movie to be not interesting, it was feeling to be an usual Tollywood love story, especially Chiranjeevi’s cameo appearance felt force fitted to please his fans. Director S. S.Rajamouli‘s brilliance in story telling starts in the historic part, even though the game of gallantry to win princess gallantry were age old, we are still brought to our seat’s edge. At every frame Director’s & his teams hardwork can be clearly seen in the intricate visuals. All the lead actors including veteran Sarath Babu have done their part very well.

Watching Magadheera you can see it’s influence all over Baahubali.