If you are wondering why I went to a film acted by Udhayanidhi Stalin, it was to see the gorgeous Amy Jackson on screen and for the veteran Sathyaraj whose role as Hero’s father impressed me in the trailer. There was a lingering curiosity as well to see how did Udaya manage to act in an action film?. The answer to that was easy to find in Gethu (2016), it is thanks to the simple script by Director Thirukumaran (of Maan Karate fame).

The story is about how a local librarian Sethu while trying to clear his father’s reputation ends up saving the life of an important space scientist Abdul Kamal.

Let me start with the appreciations I have about the film, the first goes to Cinematographer Sukumar, the hill station where the whole story happens is brought to life in front of us, the camera work was brilliant. Amy Jackson as a Tamil girl comes out lovely as ever. Considering his age, Sathyaraj has done the fight scenes well, proving why he is one of the versatile actors of Kollywood.

Music is composed by Harris Jayaraj, I could neither enjoy or remember any of the songs. For an action film the BGM is the one that sets the pace, unfortunately in Gethu the background score seems to be contributing to the slowness. Though branded as an action film, there was just three simple fight sequences for the hero, whatever little thrilling sequences were there was performed by the villain (played by Vikranth). The way Sethu finds the hideout and captures the bad guy feels like a 1950’s crime story rather than a modern day international crime action.

கெத்து (2016) -  உதயநிதி ஸ்டாலின், எமி ஜாக்சன்

கெத்து (2016) – உதயநிதி ஸ்டாலின், எமி ஜாக்சன்

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