Nota (2018) is a film I have been looking forward to nearly two years now, from the time I read the novel it is based on – “Vettatam” written by my friend Shan Karuppusamy. Given the time constraint of a feature film, it is not easy translating a book to the big screen, especially one that was a mix of political satire, romance, hacking and suspense. Going by the number of times I heard the audience clap, Director Anand Shankar has given a successful film and you can watch it.

The two songs in the film are both drunken party songs and are nothing more than noise, Music Director Sam C.S. who gave memorable songs for Vikram Vedha has been a disappointment, the BGM for a thriller is particularly important and it was missing? The movie should’ve been a lot better if the Director had concentrated on a few items. The three main male characters played by Vijay DevarakondaNassar and Sathyaraj have been cast well, but both the female characters which were powerful in the novel are being played by unknown actors Sanchana Natarajan  and Mehreen Pirzada which left us unimpressed.

Two things that stood out in the novel were the subtle romance that runs between Varun and Swathi, and the numerous hurdles Varun faces after becoming CM and his father falls into a coma. In the film, the romance was completely missing, and the known/unknown villains both come out tame, robbing us of the many thrilling moments that should’ve happened. The result of the no-confidence motion on the floor should’ve made a thrilling climax but comes out subdued as we were almost told the outcome in the previous screen.

Despite these, for someone who hasn’t read the novel, Nota will surely be a different type of Political satire, that can be enjoyed.

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