Son was asking me to take him to this movie “Penguins of Madagascar” for over a week now. Wife made it clear she was not interested to spend 2 hours in a theatre with penguins doing senseless action. In the morning today, due to an over enthusiastic action of mine during Yoga class gifted me a stiff neck with pain when turning. Inspite of that, I didn’t want to miss taking my son to the movie today for a father-son time alone without wife minding us on every step!. We drove to Luxe (Phoenix Mall) cinemas in Velachery to see the movie in the evening, with my son guiding me for the turns.

On the way to the mall, son kept talking non-stop about the penguins and how mischievous they are. He told me their names which I didn’t listen at that time, but understood (as Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private) when I watched the movie, their past accomplishments, their enemies and so on.

The animation film starts with the 4 penguins breaking into US treasuries secure facility at Fort Knox, to rob a vending machine in the cafeteria there for a cheesy snack. Suddenly the villain, Dr.Octavius Brine’s gang kidnaps them and declares that Brine was going to destroy the cuteness from all penguins on the face of earth. Rest of the story is how the 4 Penguins rescue their species, while outsmarting a fellow good guys gang called North Wind. I liked the scene where the penguins while crossing an area painted on floor with on a black ‘n’ white stripes, skill-fully using their front and black colours to camouflage. One more scene I liked was the fine dining meal being enjoyed by North Wind group few feet away from the penguins who were floating on water for hours without food. Overall, a fun movie to watch along with kids (and probably only with kids).




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