I am proposing a measure called Venkee (pronounced When Key) to indicate the tipping point of interest of a book, music, play, movie or TV show and online posts.

Venkee is the point in which the art impressed you and made you continue through the rest of the performance. In other words, it is the point to which you are evaluating and not sure you like it or not.

  1. For books, it will the page number
  2. For movies & TV shows, it will be the minute
  3. For music, it will be the seconds and
  4. For online posts (blogs) it will be the word count

Venkee numbers are always integers (no decimal points) and generally, they are positive. The lower the number, it will be an indication of the attractiveness of the artwork; the author/creator of the art has impressed the audience early enough to make an impact.

There can be a negative Venkee number which is the turn off point. Negative Venkee is the point at which the artwork made you unlike it. It is the page at which you decided to put down the book or the minute stopped the movie.

What do you think of Venkee’s?. Post it in the comments below. I wish to collect Venkee numbers of your favourite (unfavorite) books and movies. Let the Venkees flow…