• Lounge

    My blog completes one year

    Happy First Anniversary to venkatarangan.com/blog This blog entry marks the beginning of second year of my blogging. Last year, on the same day, around the same time (during pongal festival) I started this blog. At that time, I thought it to be my recent fad and that it will last only for next few weeks. I see this blog only as recordings of my events, readings & happenings – but as I kept writing, I started to feel a sense of satisfaction. Also interesting for me was to look back few months, read a blog entry and recollect how I felt about something and compare it how I feel about it now. Though I…

  • Coding

    Indic Rendering problem of my blog with Mozilla and FireFox – Fixed

    Thanks to a suggestion from Sanjay Vyas, I have fixed the problem of Tamil texts not rendering properly in my blog. Analyzing the problem, I found that my Blog Name which is in Tamil and my blog entry text in Tamil were not rendering properly. The encoding is getting set correctly to “UTF-8” in all browsers. Currently I am using the DasBlog theme in my blog. If I select Just HTML, as my Theme then the texts gets rendered correctly. So it turns out to be a problem with the main CSS that gets applied for DasBlog them. With this, I narrowed the problem to be with the file at “/themes/dasBlog/dasBlog.css”. Since the problem…

  • Coding

    DasBlog 1.5.3337.0

    Update (23/Nov/05): The latest version of dasBlog can be download from this SourceForge project and support forum is here“ As many of you noticed I am using the .NET dasblog engine for blogging. Though the official page for dasblog is still dasBlog.NET, they seem to have moved home to Gotdotnet. Anyways, thanks to Rockford Lhotka, I got the new version of DasBlog today. Download: DasBlogWebSetup-1-5-3337-0.zip (669.39 KB) How to upgrade from older versions of dasBlog?. Though I don’t know the official upgrade steps, since dasBlog is an ASP.NET application, I tried the following XCOPY method and it worked. I ensured that I don’t overwrite the data folders that dasBlog uses (content, logs…

  • Rostrum


    Welcome to Venkatarangan’s Blog site. Here I plan to write about my experiences with Indic Language Computing, .NET, the events I present and more…Yesterday and today we are celebrating Pongal, the harvest festival in Tamil Nadu with traditional gaiety. Will write more about this.