From Vishwak, we had exhibited in this year Tech Ed 2005 at Orlando, FL. This is our third big Microsoft US Event participation after Tech Ed 2002 in New Orleans and PDC 2001 in LA. At Tech Ed 2005, we launched our new focus area of vortals as well.

After years of delaying the opening of a branch in Bangalore (India’s Silicon Valley), I finally did it. Last Sunday on the 24th, the Inaguration Pooja was performed for Vishwak’s branch office in Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore. My Colleagues (From left to right) Harish, Bala, Pragathi & Myself

Last month , we had Connect 2004 – an annual Enterprise ICT conference & exhibition in Chennai. The event is organized by CII with the support of Government of Tamilnadu aimed at promoting IT companies of Tamilnadu. From Vishwak, we had exhibited in the event. Mr.Jayakumar (Minister of Law & IT – Govt. Of Tamilnadu) inaugurated the event. In our stall, we were giving free mugs with our corporate branding for visitors. While Mr.Jayakumar visited our Stall along with IT Ministers of Govt. of Nepal and Govt. of Thailand, looking at the mugs he remarked that we should be giving “Mugs…

Yesterday (21st June 2004) was an important day for me for two reasons. First, it is the first birthday of my son. Last year same day, I spend several anxious hours waiting to see the baby and to find the well being of my wife. The second reason for yesterday being special was the inauguration of my company’s (Vishwak) new facility. The pooja was performed on 4th of February 2004 and then the interior work started. Lots of work was involved in getting it ready because most of the interior work was made for us at the site. The ceiling was made…