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    Books on wheels

    In today’s The Hindu newspaper there was an article on a new initiative “Education on Wheels” which is taking a mini library of books in a van to far parts of the state, stopping at schools to promote reading. Seeing the photograph of the van with books, I was reminded of seeing something similar in our family archives. I inquired with my father who gave me a copy of a souvenir titled “LIFCO’s Golden Jubilee” published in 1979, in that book I found the following photographs: 1) In 5-February-1954, the inauguration of LIFCO ON WHEELS, a mobile book-service (sales of books published by LIFCO) by Sri.C.R.Srinivasan, Editor of “The Swadesamitran”…

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    LIFCO Books’ – How to Cook?

    My family owns The Little Flower Co. – a South Indian book Publisher. Apart from LIFCO Dictionaries, our popular titles include Hindu Stotra (hymns of praise) or sloga books, Personal development and other vernacular titles. Last month, while I was in America I was thrilled to learn that our title “How to Cook” (a South Indian Cook Book) featured in Saveur magazine. Saveur has listed How to Cook as one of their top 100 Favorite List of foods, restaurants, drinks, people, places and things. “How To Cook” is also available in the Tamil Language as “சமைப்பது எப்படி” ?

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    Today was a sad day for all of us in the house of “LIFCO”. Our beloved V.V.Mama (Brahmasri Kureru V.Venkatesa Ayyar, affectionately “Mama” for us) left all of us and attained the lotus feet of Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva. Mama passed away yesterday at 8:20PM in his bedroom, after suffering for last 1 week, with the last 48 hours unconscious. On Saturday he had stopped breathing for few minutes and was revived by the help of a near-by doctor; it happened once again, but on that last moment it didn’t work. V.V.Mama (88 Years) has been part of LIFCO (Estd.1929) for over last 60 years. During these 60 years, he…