• The Trader (2018)
    Movie Review

    The Trader (2018)

    The Trader (2018) is a documentary film from Netflix that follows a travelling trader in the Republic of Georgia (near Russia). He buys second-hand items from the city (Tbilisi) and goes to the remote villages to sell them for exchange of Potatoes. Surprisingly, Potatoes are the main currency of exchange in the remote villages of Georgia. Though it is short, the film shows us what the country life in these parts will be, and the aspirations of people living here. It is available on Netflix.

  • Lucy (2014)
    Movie Review

    Lucy (2014)

    Lucy (2014) was a french sci-fi that was a thrilling watch.  Director Luc Besson has presented skillfully a superhero story as a sci-fi by interspersing brain science throughout, and, we are able to thoroughly enjoy it. This movie is a must-watch just for Scarlett Johansson. It is about a lady named “Lucy” gaining superhuman skills due to an accidental drug infusion, and, how she uses to identify and destroy a powerful international drug mafia. In introduction sequence, Lucy unknowingly gets caught by the gang of a ruthless drug lord, and we see a remarkable performance from Scarlett Johansson, when she cries and pleads to him helplessly. From there, within minutes,…

  • Queen of Hearts (2019) by Director May el-Toukhy
    Movie Review

    Queen of Hearts (2019)

    Queen of Hearts (2019) was screened in the 17th Chennai International Film Festival. The Danish adult film was a Sundance award winner. The story is a familiar one of an older woman seducing an underage boy. Whether it is the classic The Graduate (1967) or The Reader (2008) these licentious relationships start for fun and no one getting hurt till they are secretive, but they don’t remain so for long. What shouldn’t have started at all, always ends badly, it does so in Queen of Hearts too! Directed by May el-Toukhy and the lead cast are Trine Dyrholm as Anne, a successful lawyer living in Denmark with her husband Peter…

  • Gisaengchung (2019)
    Movie Review

    Parasite (2019)

    10th Feb 2020 update: By shattering the 92 years of Oscar History, the South Korean thriller ‘Parasite’, becomes the first Non-English Movie to win the top Academy Award. Hollywood clearly knows where there is money. The present and the future in the 21st century is clearly Asia (read as China first). It was a Japanese film “Shoplifters (2018)” that was the star in the last year’s Chennai International Film Festival. This year it was the Korean film “Parasite (2019)” screened today that got honours. In their unique ways, both the films shine a light on the growing gap between the super-rich and the poor in the developed world of Japan…

  • TV Show Review

    The Naked Director (2019)

    The Naked Director (2019) is a Netflix Original TV Show from Japan. It is about the Adult magazine and then the Adult video industry in the 1980s Japan. We get to see the underbelly of the Japanese businesses, their nexus with the corrupt police officers and the dirty underground trade – a shocking revelation to what we outsiders consider being a disciplined country. What makes it standout from the other Rated R shows, is its strong casting and a powerful story of one man’s belief, struggle and success against all odds. A junior salesman Toru Muranishi cannot sell even a single copy of his company’s English encyclopedia. Luckily, he gets taken…