While returning from the USA in my flight I saw this movie “The Bank Job”. The Bank Job is supposed to be a true life story of a bank robbery that took place in London in 1971. The robbery was allegedly plotted by UK’s secret police to cover up a prominent member of British Royal Family. It involved thieves digging a tunnel below a shop into a near-by bank, get into its vault and rob it. After finding millions of pounds in the vault they also discover lot of dirty secrets – and realize why the secret police plotted them…

At the San Jose Tech Museum, I went to see the IMAX movie “The Alps” which had breathtaking views and an emotional story – an expert climber had been wanting to climb the “Eiger” mountain in the Alps which had killed his father 40 years back.

To kill time I went to Century Cinemas in Grand Mall to watch “Hellboy II” – why Hellboy, because there was no other movie I would have liked. The movie’s story is completely fictitious and unbelievable, but the graphics and effects are superb.

I was in our US office today and at the end of the day I had few hours to kill and a few Mbps of Internet pipe. So I made the best use – watch some videos in Hulu.com. For those of you who are outside USA, Hulu is promoted by NBC and News Corp media houses, that has only legal videos and tons of it – including popular TV shows like “The Simpsons” & “The Office”. These are supported by naturally advertisements. While browsing I came across this movie “Casino Royale (1967)” which was said to be a spoof…

On my Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to SFO I saw this movie 10,000 BC. It is a fictitious story of how a Hero from a small tribe fights against a large civilization (resembling Egypt Pyramid days). After a sustained chase he wins over them, get his people and his love released. The settings, costume, fighting’s have been taken well. At times in the movie you feel a little bored and the story is overall unbelievable.