In Google I/O 2014 every attendee got a Google Cardboard which was a low cost DIY virtual reality accessory. It was a paper cardboard cut into the shape of an eyewear, two 45MM focal lenses, a magnet and some velcro fasteners to hold your smartphone into place. Your smartphone (iOS, Android) with the help of Google Cardboard app (and other apps) turns into a virtual reality headset.  I have been wanting to get one, but got around to getting one this week from EBay India for just Rs.360 ($5), the item was called “ALIAN 3D Unofficial Google Cardboard(VR)”, the unofficial word need not…

From the time Google released Chromebook laptops I wanted to try out one, to see how effective they will be as a laptop running only one real App (Google Chrome browser). Trying it in a shop floor for few minutes or using Chrome OS as a guest OS in Parallels doesn’t give you the real taste. This week one of my colleagues returning from USA brought a Chromebook for testing in our mobile lab.

The device we got was a Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6-Inch Laptop costing US$250, with following configuration:

  • Model: Samsung Chromebook 2 XE500C12-K01US
  • Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz
  • 16 GB Solid-State Drive
  • 11.6-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics
  • Chrome, 9-hour battery life
  • USB, HDMI Ports
  • MicroSD Card slot for expansion

Video Projectors in conference rooms and Televisions are two equipments which have 98% unwanted user controls and features. In my view the job of a projector or a TV is to simply show the input it gets. There is no need for 200 buttons on them and in their remote controls. In every presentation I have done in last two decades there has been only a handful of events where I could effortlessly show my laptop onto the big screen. The sad truth is that it need not be this way and Steve Jobs with obsession over simplicity proved it. In my living…

For nearly two decades this has been a dream for many of us in (when I was in) INFITT. In  all the handful of Tamil Internet conferences and in many other Indian language software related research this has been a popular topic. It was to get Tamil Handwriting input working. Finally, early this year Google has included this as a feature in its Google Translate App. I came to know of this only last week, through a post in a friends’s Facebook page. It is easy to use the service. Launch the app and write at the bottom, casually, the system recognised text…

My phone for some time now has been a Nokia Lumia 925 running Windows 8, which I find very comfortable and productive for my use case. I love the clean design and UI metaphor (Live Tiles) of Windows Phone and the world-class build quality of hardware from Nokia. I do use a lot of Microsoft’s online services including Office 365, Hotmail, OneDrive, OneNote & Bing News which all makes a Windows Phone a natural fit for me. The only other phone I feel that comes close to this all around design elegance is iPhone5 with iOS7. That aside for last…