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    A Man Called Ove (2015)

    A Man Called Ove (2015) is a comedy-drama from Sweden about a sexagenarian named Ove Lindahl, who lives alone in a gated-community. The film starts with him going on rounds every morning, taking upon himself to be the community rules-enforcer and then to be fired from the train company where he had worked for 43 years. Not finding any purpose in life, he decides to take his own life to join his dead wife (Sonja), fortunately he keeps failing in his attempts and see his portions of his past life in flashback during each episode. The screenplay is familiar and proceeds predictably, but the film was made engaging by the…

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    The Sleeping Insect (2020)

    The Sleeping Insect (2020), directed by Yurina Kaneko, is a thriller, that’s streaming for ‘free’ as part of the Japanese Film Festival. A large part of the 60-minute film happens inside a city bus, where we are riding along with the protagonist, a young lady, a musician is following an old woman, after being captivated by a tune she is humming. This leads her to a lovely family. The story is a familiar one, with no new ideas shown, but the style of the film-making, a combination of fervency and casualness at the same time, made it absorbing.

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    I walk around Moscow (1964)

    Can a film be about going around a city and showing a glimpse of everyday life there without becoming a documentary? Yes, proves this Russian film: I walk around Moscow (aka Walking the Streets of Moscow).  And it does so in an engaging and humorous style. The film is made available for free by Russian Centre of Science & Culture, New Delhi on YouTube. The film starts with a budding writer from Siberia getting down in Moscow’s airport in the morning and leaving the city in the evening. During the day, he befriends a young worker at Moscow’s Metro rail. Together they go around the city living their lives without any set plan…

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    12 stulev (1971)

    How to do a satire of a then prevailing repressive regime, without actually been seen as being one? To see one that’s done well, check out this comedy film “The Twelve Chairs (1971)“. It is an adaptation of Ilf and Petrov’s 1928 Russian novel The Twelve Chairs. With a running time of 2h 39 min, it was long, and you need a lot of patience to get through the film whose story was obvious from the beginning. What makes you sit through was the brilliant direction by Director Leonid Gaidai who gives you a satisfaction of watching an epic with a variety of scenes, places, supporting characters and subplots, all…

  • Brilliantovaya ruka (1969)
    Movie Review

    The Diamond Arm (1969)

    The Diamond Arm (1969) aka Brilliantovaya ruka (1969), is a Russian Comedy film that had a homespun feeling yet was jocular and entertaining. A good way to spend a evening watching this film. The film is made available for free by Russian Centre of Science & Culture, New Delhi on YouTube. A hardworking simpleton named Semyon,  in Soviet Russia, is sent by his loving wife on a luxury cruise ride to Istanbul. On his return, an incompetent gang of smugglers, mistake him for their accomplish and cast his arm with diamonds and jewelry.  What happens next, did they recover their loot or did Semyon get into trouble? I grew up in an India…