• Movie Review

    An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

    Though I purchased this DVD a year ago (at a steep price of INR 499)  I didn’t get the time to watch it till now. Today was a Sunday and I was free from any work, I had the time to watch the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” made by former Vice President Al Gore. I didn’t know Al Gore was such a powerful speaker, he was amazing on stage – I have noted down a few presentation tips from his speech. He seems to have come out as a more powerful person after his dramatic hair-splitting loss of the US Presidency to George W Bush in 2000. The movie is…

  • Movie Review

    Uncovered – The Whole Truth About the Iraq War (2004)

    Last month while in the US, I bought this DVD “Uncovered – The Whole Truth About the Iraq War” a documentary picture. I managed to watch this only today. The picture talks about the false intelligence behind the US war on Iraq. Though the DVD is pretty old (made in 2004), seemed to be still relevant. Since it was a documentary it seemed to be made too academic and it was boring beyond a point. Unless you are going to argue with someone on the subject – you should skip watching this movie.

  • Economy

    Megacities in the world

    June 2007 issue of IEEE Spectrum carried a comprehensive report on growth of Megacities. It talked about the pollution levels being highest in Karachi (Pakistan) followed by shamefully New Delhi (India), world urban population to constitute 60% of world population by 2030. London – New York has the highest international Internet Connection at around 387Gb/s. The report also talks about Sao Paulo’s complex bus system, building a green city in China, Unseen City below New York in the Subways, Earthquake warnings in Japan & Tata Power in Mumbai. I realized so much we don’t know about our cities.

  • Book Review,  Economy


    I had bought this book sometime back, but didn’t proceed more than few pages at that time. This week I took it again from my bookshelf, I became interested on the topics discussed by the Authors (Economists) – Steven D.Levitt and Stephen J.Dubner. With reading for few days – few hours every night I finished the book. The book has a good followup resources including website, a blog and a wikipedia entry – so I will skip the introductions and details about the book. Instead I will just list here on what I liked/learned from this book: US Crime rate falling and connection with Abortion made legal two decades back (I think I…