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    HP Printers – Love & Hate

    For years, I seem to have a love and hate experience with HP Printers, especially with the accompanying software. With the centralized laser printers in my office, things are normally OK, you give a print command it prints. The issues are only with the All In One Printers – should we be calling them super smart printers?. I use dedicated HP All-In-One Printers (Photosmart 7288 and 6188) at my work and at my home. While I love the HP software for scanning, I am at loss on few other things. Why does the installation need to take so much for installing a simple scanner and printer software?. Every time I…

  • Gadgets

    Bad User Interface

    My corporate IT (Exchange Server) enforces security policy on all mobile devices that connect to it. So my phone is locked by a PIN. When I connect the Windows Mobile Phone (HTC S710) to PC, Vista displays a dialog box (like the one below). This dialog box certainly has useful information that needs my attention, but I am irritated by the fact it doesn’t have a minimize/close button. Absolutely no way to get rid of the window other than keying the PIN in the device or disconnecting the device. I feel this to be a classic case of bad user interface design.

  • Chennai

    I smashed my car in front

    I had a small accident with my car of 6 months a Honda City ZX GXi today. Thank god, no one was hurt and more important only my car got damaged. It happened while I was driving and about to stop for the Traffic Signal to take the Right Turn in Mount Road/South Usman Road junction.  My son was sitting next to me and was constantly asking me one question or other, there was an Ambassador coming from behind trying to go straight and honking nonstop. Disturbed by the horn sound, distracted by my son’s queries I turned back, and the next moment my car banged into the Mahindra Jeep…