• Hathway Broadband Play Box - Android TV

    The Broadband connection at home and Hathway Play Box

    For many years, I have been having a broadband connection at my home from ACT India, as they were the only high-speed providers using fibre in my area in Chennai. A little over two years ago, Hathway started offering their services, with the promise of much lower tariffs, higher speeds (100 Mbps at that time) and large bandwidth allowance (100 GB or more) every month and true F2H (Fibre till the compound wall of your House). Other than a few hiccups once in a while which they generally fix fast, I have been satisfied with their service. Currently, I have opted for Hathway’s plan called “Gpon Turbo” that cost Rs.1049/Month…

  • Google Tamil Voice Typing
    Gadgets,  Technology,  தமிழ்

    How to Voice type in Tamil on a PC, Android and iPhone?

    For more than two decades, having computer translation, voice recognition and handwriting recognition in their mother tongue(s) has been a dream for many of the Indian language speakers including Tamilians. Partnering with institutions around the world, INFITT members have been working on this and had presented many technical papers on the subject in its annual conferences like with TI2010, when Unicode got Tamil Nadu Government’s approval. [This year’s conference is happening at the Anna University, Chennai from September 20-22, 2019] Even when the support for local languages is in the devices, how effectively are they being used? That’s a discussion that I have written in detail in 2018. If inventing…

  • Entering Google Account Password in Android TV
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    How not to do password input?

    If there is one thing I don’t look forward to when I buy a new device is the setting up, especially entering passwords to the websites and apps I use. We are all encouraged by the tech giants to have long and difficult passwords for security reasons, but I feel they don’t do enough to make the process convenient (note that I am not saying easy which is associated with being easy for the bad actors as well) for us to use. Yes, there are efforts like Microsoft Account Phone sign-in which allows you to do password less logging in, but they are not available always and are not supported…

  • Gadgets,  Microsoft

    Unknown Wi-Fi name in Windows 10 and Miracast

    The other day in my Phones (Google Pixel 2 and OnePlus 3T) I noticed an unknown Wi-Fi device (SSID) appearing in the list of Wi-Fi that I can connect to. I didn’t recognise the device, but something in the name was familiar, I was seeing my initials – I figured some device in my home network should be broadcasting this. Eliminating one by one, I narrowed down the behaviour to my Windows 10 PC (Asus Zenbook Laptop). Searching online, it became clear this was an out of the box behaviour of every Windows 10 PC – they broadcast a ‘new’ Wi-Fi device on the network for enabling Miracast screen mirroring…

  • Technology

    What do I use to edit photos and create collages from pictures?

    If you are like me who post actively on social media and write regular blog posts, then you are editing lots of photos. Also, on many occasions instead of posting individual photos, you will like to create a collage to tell the stories better. For quick photo-editing say a crop here or adjusting the contrast there, I use the inbuilt Windows 10 Photos App if I am on my PC or Google Photos while posting from my phone.  For anything more, I turn to the gold standard Adobe Photoshop – Currently I use the Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 bought from Microsoft Store as I found not needing the advanced features of the…