• சாகோ (2019)
    Movie Review

    Saaho (2019)

    Saaho (2019) is a grand film, resembling a Hollywood production, even Mumbai city comes out as rich-looking as Dubai.  The efforts of the entire team, particularly around the action sequences and special effects are clearly visible, and for that, the film deserves a mention. Prabhas has done his role well. There are plenty of other actors, including Arun Vijay, Mandira Bedi and Murali Sharma, unfortunately, none leave a mark. The heroine Shraddha Kapoor just managing to dazzle the audience with her bright costumes. What starts as a master-conman vs police flick, quickly descends into a hotchpotch screenplay with too many twists making it all pointless.

  • Theatre Review,  தமிழ்

    Nam Samayalaraiyil

    Shraddha Theatres, a theatre group in Chennai is known for their innovation with the scripts they choose and their execution – introducing something different in each of their theatre plays. This time, they have taken the inconspicuous Kitchen(s) in our households and told the family drama and sentiment that happens around it. Their new play Nam Samayalaraiyil (நம் சமையலறையில்) that was staged today is an anthology of four stories (நான்கு குறு நாடகங்கள்), each of them has Kitchen and Cooking as the background.  தமிழில் வந்த சமையல் புத்தகங்களில் எஸ். மீனாட்சி அம்மாள் அவர்களின் “சமைத்துப் பார்” அரை நூறாண்டுகளுக்கு மேலாக மிகப் பிரபலம். அதைத் தொடர்ந்து, என் தந்தை – லிப்கோவின் “சமைப்பது எப்படி” என்ற, என் அத்தை எழுதிய சைவ…

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    Richie (2017)

    Richie (2017) is how a journalist (Shraddha Srinath) interviews everyone in a local fishing village to reconstruct the story of a local rowdy by the same name. Richie, played by Nivin Pauly – an actor I like a lot from his Neram(2013) film and who impressed me with his films like Premam(2015) and Action hero Biju (2016). A small fisherman (Elango Kumaravel) finds a rare statue in the sea and tries to sell it, without giving the commission to the local big man, due to which he gets into trouble with Richie – who is his hitman. Meanwhile, the boat engine repairman (Nutty) who is in love with the fisherman sister (Lakshmi Priyaa of…

  • Travel Review

    Trip to Rameswaram

    A few weeks back I got to visit Rameswaram town after a decade or so. The main reason for the trip was to visit the recently opened memorial for Dr Kalam at Peikarumbu, Rameswaram. Faizabad Express Train We travelled from Chennai by train – the newly introduced “Faizabad Express” (16794) that runs from Ayodhya to Rameswaram.  The train leaves Chennai Egmore at 18:50 to reach Rameswaram next day morning 07:10. It was a new route, the coaches were brand new and comfortable, with bio-toilets that don’t dirty the tracks with its waste. We stayed at Daiwik Hotels Rameswaram, which was one of the best hotels in town. Ramanathaswamy Temple on Rameswaram…

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    Ivan Thanthiran (2017)

    Ivan Thanthiran (2017) starring Gautham Karthik as Sakthi and Shraddha Srinath as Asha, should have been a lot more interesting film. The story is about how a corrupt Human-Resources Minister causes undue sufferings to the education of thousands of engineering college student across the state. The film had a good premise, but due to an uninspiring screenplay falls short of its potential. Sakthi is a talented technology wizard, who runs a electronics shop in Ritchie Street along with another college dropout and his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji). Due to a chance happening they get to expose the Minister’s corruption and as a result, face the wrath of the minister and…

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    Vikram Vedha (2017)

    If there has been a recent Tamil movie with a title that symbolises its story it will be Vikram Vedha (2017). We are all familiar with the stories of a brave king “Vikramaditya” fighting a ghost “Betaal”; the captured ghost starts narrating a story on morality and questions the king for the right answer – we hear this story in the title card. I got a bit sceptical. Over emphasis on something is a sure sign to me that the movie is going to lack somewhere else. The story of Vikram Vedha is a typical police-gangster chase story. Here the “good” cop Vikram is played by R.Madhavan and the “feared” gang…

  • Lounge,  Theatre Review

    Thuppariyum Sambu – A Play

    Shraddha theatre group stages for last two days a play by writer Devan (தேவன்), who is regarded as Tamil Nadu’s P.G.Wodehouse. The Tamil play is based on Devan’s  famous novel titled Thuppariyum Sambu (துப்பறியும் சாம்பு), it’s a humorous take on a simpleton detective whose unfailing luck solves all the cases and brings him untold riches. The book was my son’s favourite as bedtime story when he was growing up. I watched the play today, it was Directed and starred by veteran Tamil Play artist Kathadi Ramamurthy (காத்தாடி ராமமூர்த்தி). Just seeing him as Sambu with his longgg nose on screen was enough to get the audience laughing. The book had many dozen exploits of Sambu, which had to…

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    SMILE – Tamil Play

    Shraddha, the theatre people have partnered with AIM for Seva and  Alchemy Kids (where my son has been going for theatre programs) to present a new play from today for four days in Narada Gana Sabha Hall (Alwarpet, Chennai). The play is titled SMILE, written and directed by Vijay Viswanathan of Alchemy Kids. The story is about how joining a home “Ananda Illam” for the mentally challenged as it’s manager gives purpose and happiness to the protagonist played by Vijay Viswanathan. Few of the actors are from AIM for Seva homes itself, including them everyone on stage have done a fine job. Excellent performance by actors who played the role…