Debunking false shares in social media

23rd June 2016: Mayabazar & The Laughing Policeman
I feel I should start a page to debunk the many messages being shared in social media including WhatsApp & Facebook.

Today I received this song in one of the WhatsApp group:

It was claimed this song’s melody was copied from the super hit Telugu & Tamil film Mayabazar (1957)’s Kalyana Samayal Saadham song.

Seeing a Black and White picture in the video, something felt not right. Searching the lyrics of the song, I found out that the song was “The Laughing Policeman” written by Charles Penrose in 1922. The fact that Laughing Policeman of 1922 was the inspiration for Ghantasala is acknowledged in Mayabazar’s Wikipedia page too.

We can feel proud of our country and countrymen but before forwarding we should do a quick commonsense fact check.