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    Protecting Yoga from Patents

    The US Patent Office has already granted 150 yoga-related copyrights and 2,315 yoga trademarks. Indian Government normally reacts too late in protecting against Patents being awarded in Western world for age old Indian traditional practices. In an unexpected sense of urgency it seems to be acting now on Protecting several Yoga techniques from being patented. “The Indian government is getting old Sanskrit and Tamil texts translated and is also cataloging ayurvedic medicines. The information will be made available in five languages so patent offices around the world can access it, according to the International Herald Tribune“

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    Need for Exercise – My New Treadmill

    Though I am in my early 30’s, just like millions of other sedentary lifestyle folks (especially those in IT jobs) I have started to get concerned about my Weight and lack of Exercise. In my case I have been doing Yoga twice a week for almost 5 years now, which has helped me to control my stress and to a large extend bring in flexibility in my back and joints. But Yoga has to be practiced every day along with proper diet for weight control. That not being the case for me I have started gaining weight in recent years, especially due to working late and disturbed sleep. I have tried…

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    Yoga Camp in Chennai

    Most of the time I am in front of my Laptop with little physical exercise or relaxation, so I decided to try Yoga. That was 4 years back when I first met Mr.Shyam. Since then I am learning/practising Yoga under the guidance of Shyam Master, who also trains many of my colleagues at Vishwak in the weekly twice programs we have in the office. Yoga (if you do it regularly) certainly helps you to feel more energetic and healthy. This month Mr.Shyam’s New Yoga Life had organized a 10-day ‘Introduction course on Ayurveda and Yoga’ for a batch of students from Singapore. Last Friday (26th) I was invited as one of Chief…