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    Bought Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard from the USA

    I have written quite a few times here about my love for the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard and mouse, I have been using the various models for over 15 years. The favourite model for me was the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 released nearly two decades back. After the keyboard wore down, I tried Logitech MK850 Keyboard but I quickly realised I was missing the split design of the Microsoft keyboard. Then, I bought a Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, which initially felt fantastic but was a disappointment due to its poor connectivity with Bluetooth. I am a fast three-finger typist, so it annoys me when a keyboard lags behind my keypress…

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    Work from home videocall set up – Lights, Camera & Mic

    The pandemic has intensified the move to work from home and virtual presentations, online speaking engagements and podcasts. For any of these video/audio events, it is important you have a decent setup at your home. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of videos on YouTube as well on how to do these cheaply. I have written in the past here about my experiences with various lights, microphones and cameras. In this summary post, I will bring them all together for your convenience. Disclosure: I write reviews about products that I have bought for my usage and paid in full. There were no sponsorship or…

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    Open-Air Bluetooth headphones – NG Earsafe

    I had written earlier about the Ten Bluetooth headsets (The Good, and the Bad) I had bought over the years, and I was still not pleased. In this post I will share about a new pair of earphones I had bought that are “Open Air”. I use earphones only during my (brief) walking sessions when I listen to podcasts or audiobooks. For long listening to music or watching movies I don’t prefer earphones or headsets, they make my ears feel suffocating and when I do a call the sound keeps reverberating inside. Instead, I have a good speaker on my desk – I have been using Harman Kardon Onyx Studio…

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    Round power strip for India

    This is one of the simplest gadgets I am writing about here. It is about the ubiquitous power strips or (as called in India) extension box. These are boxes that you use to plug a gadget to power when the cord doesn’t reach the wall outlets, or you want to connect more than one appliance to wall socket. Disclosure: I write reviews about products that I have bought for my usage and paid in full. There were no sponsorship or advertisement, or commission of any sort involved in this post. Till about two decades ago, I remember seeing our electrician or the local electrical shop making these extension boxes by…

  • Venkatarangan with his new iPad Pro 11 at Apple Store, Orchid Road, Singapore

    Apple, please treat users as grown-ups!

    I have an #iPhone and #iPadPro, I like their reliability. But it is infuriating how Apple dumbs down & eliminates features in the name of simplicity. Case in Point: To find a text within a #webpage in #Safari, is easy to do (CTRL-F or Menu) on a PC or Mac. In iOS or iPadOS you need to do a summersault! (Actual instructions are here) On which universe, finding a text is sharing?

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    BenQ 32 inches 4K HDR Monitor

    In the past I had written about my preference for having two monitors on my desk, and that I find it to be the single upgrade you can do to improve your productivity vastly. For a few years now, I was using was my laptop (Asus Zenbook) screen as the second monitor. But last year, I moved from the laptop to an AMD desktop PC, with that I was without a second monitor. I wanted to use the opportunity to go for a bigger size monitor in addition to the existing 27 inches 4K Monitor from LG, which I was experimenting with in portrait mode. Disclosure: I write reviews about…

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    Fifine microphone for talks and calls online

    With the growing use of video calls every day, weekly talks and monthly interviews, it is important you have a good infrastructure for making your presence felt online. For that, you need to be having bright lights, a camera that can produce sharp video, a loudspeaker to hear the other side(s) and a good microphone to capture your voice clearly. I had written earlier on how you can improve the lighting in your room with ring lights and overhead lights, your picture with TVSi 1080p and Logitech 4K webcams, and hear your audience clearly with a Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker. There was one missing piece, it is being heard crisply.…

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    Mesh Wireless network in my house

    Prelude I have been writing here about my home networking experiments for more than a decade. In 2010 I shared the daisy-chaining wireless access points, in 2014 about installing a load-balancer to get failover between the two TELCOs (Airtel & BSNL), and, in 2019 on the two wi-fi routers (TPLINK Archer C50 & Mi Router 3C) I had bought. On the last one, it seems I had erred in my choice, as the routers didn’t have a Gigabit LAN port which I needed. In the recent weeks of 2020, I have been facing issues with frequent call disconnections during video calls and spotty connections in many places in the house – these…