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    Lufthansa Runway to Success Season 5

    I was happy to get to be the moderator for an informative panel discussion today. Titled “Finance Your Venture”, it was part of Lufthansa Runway to Success Season 5 organised by TiE Chennai. The panellists were experienced hands on the trade – Ashvin Agarwal, Balram Nair, Manu Iyer & Satish Mugulavalli. We talked about: Right source of funding – Entrepreneurs need to think beyond the glamorous VC funding. There are many options available nowadays including Bootstrapping, Friends and Family, Friends of Friends to reach HNI (High Networth Individuals), Non-Collateral Debt Funding from Government/Public agencies, Seed Capital and grants from Government schemes and finally Brick ‘n’ Mortar businesses interested to be…

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    Shaping our future

    Ajay Khankhoje of Synergetics-India invited me to deliver a keynote at his company’s Annual Day event in Mumbai. It was an opportunity for me to address a talented set of software trainers, consultants and engineers. The topic I decided to cover was “Shaping our Future”, how they can use 3 broad topics to act as guideposts in the modern IT landscape.

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    Rebooting Software Services Industry

    Indian IT Services has benefited from a great run so far. In about three decades the industry has grown from few hundred million dollars to have about US$155 billion in revenue per year. The industry had handled with aplomb earlier challenges thrown at it, in fact, it has used technical disruptions like the Internet, Y2K, Mobile that came to its advantage to grow. Today it confronts massive changes from many directions. The movement of enterprise application to the “Cloud” from enterprise datacenters, automation of routine tasks, and the maturity of enterprise software platform like ERP & CRM, all reducing the need for traditional ADM (Application Development Maintenance) services offered by IT Outsourcing firms in…

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    Change is difficult

    This is my first attempt on doing a vlog (video blog). I have talked about an experience I had about 25 years back that taught me how any change in organisations can be difficult to take hold. My father was running a 60-year-old book publishing firm, the staff there was doing their stock keeping in paper ledgers and inventory management was always a time-consuming affair. That’s when I had learned FoxBase, I developed an inventory management system for the business that gave real-time stocks for all 200+ titles they had. Though it could make their job easier, the staff were resistant to the change. That’s when I luckily got into…

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    Chatbots and NLP for Tamil

    தமிழ் இணையக் கல்விக்கழகம் அதன் கணித்தமிழ்ப் பேரவை சார்பாக இந்த வாரம் “இயற்கை மொழியாய்வுப் பயிலரங்கம்” ஒன்றை நடத்துகிறார்கள். இது முழுக்க முழுக்க ஆய்வாளர்கள் மற்றும் கல்வியாளர்களுக்கான கோடை முகாம் நிகழ்ச்சி. இதில் எனக்கென்ன வேலை என்கிறீர்களா?. கணினி தொழில்துறையிலிருப்பவர்கள் தமிழ் இயற்கை மொழியாய்வை எப்படிப் பார்க்கிறார்கள், அதன் வருங்காலப் பயன்பாடுகள் அவர்களின் பார்வையில் என்ன, என்ற தலைப்பில் இன்று என்னை பேச அழைத்தார்கள். நானும் எனக்கு தெரிந்ததை ஒரு முப்பது நிமிட அமர்வில் பகிர்ந்துக் கொண்டேன். Tamil Virtual Academy had organized a Natural Language Processing (NLP) workshop this week for academicians and researchers. I gave an invited talk for 30 minutes on why the software industry cares about developments in Tamil NLP and the applications of it. I focussed on recent developments in Chatbots and introduction of Bot Framework from Microsoft,…