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    AI and Transformation – A memorial talk

    Thanks to a recommendation by my friend Dr Gopal Krishna Raju, I was invited to deliver a memorial lecture today at the prestigious Loyola College, Chennai. The event was conducted by their PG & Research Department of Commerce – a one-day seminar in memory of Prof A G Soundara Rajan. The topic was Artificial Intelligence and (Business) Transformation. I wasn’t interested in playing in my voice a canned presentation or something that was way more of engineering for an audience consisting of Commerce discipline Post-Graduate students from a number of colleges in Chennai. Instead, I prepared a (custom) talk for them – starting with a brief introduction of AI/ML, proceeding…

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    Technical talk at NIC, Chennai

    Today, on invitation from the Senior Technical Director of NIC (National Informatics Centre), Chennai, I delivered a technical talk at their Tamil Nadu Head office at Rajaji Bhavan, Chennai. It was attended by all their district officers across Tamil Nadu. For those who are not familiar, NIC is a Government of India organization established in 1976 that powers the numerous electronic applications and computing backbone of central and state governments across India. Today, the majority of citizen services and the government administration across India is happening electronically and with that, the role and importance of NIC have been steadily growing. My presentation was a demonstration of the various open-source tools,…

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    Tools & Applications available for Tamil

    I was invited to present a guest talk for the annual Tamil Internet Conference 2019, that is underway at Anna University, organized by INFITT along with Tamil Virtual Academy and others. I presented a talk with demos titled aptly as “செயல் விளக்கம்” – Demonstration of tools for Tamil for writing and coding. I demonstrated the following: Google Voice Typing in Tamil on your PC – கூகுளின் குரல்வழித் தமிழில் உள்ளிடல் வசதி. How to use Tesseract, the open-source OCR engine to convert scanned pages in Tamil to PDF with Embedded Text (in Tamil) feature enabled, so that search in Tamil and copy and paste of text works. I will write a post…

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    Sterling resorts, Fern Hill, Ooty

    As readers of this blog know I enjoy travel, not the strenuous type, but the relaxed version called the “Slow Travel”.  I believe, when you travel it is important to be comfortable, go out to observe the places, stop and smell the roses on the way, take a few good pictures for memory and to enjoy the local food and culture. I would like to see this as “Lazy Travel” – not hurrying to finish the items in your checklist – certainly not about camping or long travel – but to plan for spending reasonable time to do justice to a place that you are going. For me, the travel…

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    Future of IT Outsourcing Industry and The Road Ahead

    The global outsourcing market especially the IT outsourcing market after a few choppy and trying years, hopes to find its lost rhythm back in 2019. Mint newspaper says the sector will grow faster in the year starting 1st April, thanks to twin trends of larger contracts and increased outsourcing. In this background, I am composing my thoughts here on how the Software Services firms especially the small ones in India can reinvent themselves and plan their road ahead. Source: Statista. After a few choppy years, 2018 stabilized the global market of the outsourced market. 2019 is expected to be a growth year. Outsourcing is not new to me! My grandfather…