Unbelievable it was almost twenty-five years that the first instalment in this franchise, Toy Story (1995) got released. That film catapulted Pixar and the whole category of animated movies to new levels. The next two instalments Toy Story 2 and 3 that came in 1999 and 2010, kept the excitement alive of watching Toys being able to walk and talk, anthropomorphism in short. There is only so much you can extend a franchise with sequels, so I was sceptical about Toy Story 4. Surprisingly, Disney has succeeded in producing a great film that people of all ages can enjoy. Toy…

Break the rules

Rules are meant to be broken in India. Even our kids do that! No training is required. Seen in the picture above is my son during a vacation trip in 2005. #rules #vacation #india #kids_of_our_world

There is a timeless beauty to simplicity. More than a decade ago, when my son was a few years old, I remember watching a TV series for kids on Cartoon Network. Originally made by Nickelodeon, “Oswald” was about a fun-loving…