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    The three-hour traffic jam when coming into Chennai city

    Yesterday I had a good (or should I say bad) life experience – Google Maps is NOT perfect – and when it comes to driving in India it is better to have prior knowledge of the route and to heed to advice. Sunday (20th Feb 2022) evening, I was returning to Chennai from Tiruchirappalli by Grand Southern Trunk (GST). For a week now, I been reading in news and from posts in Facebook from friends that the river bridge in Palar River near Chengelpet is under repair. Traffic is allowed from Chennai outwards in the second bridge, but the traffic coming into the city using the first (older) bridge under…

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    In 2022, what do the scarce talent look for in a company?

    Today, I happened to see this video from Walmart advertising their Chennai office to attract #talent. While I was happy to find my city being promoted by the Fortune #1 company in the world, the video set me thinking to write this brief note. To me, the message in the video comes out outdated, when I say that I don’t mean to single this video out or #Walmart as a company (which is a fine company that has brilliant technology teams, and I am a huge fan of Mr Sam Walton as well) here but to use the opportunity to share my thoughts on the general trend of #hiring in…

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    Grace Supermarket, Ashok Nagar, Chennai

    In the last two years, due to the pandemic many small businesses, specifically neighbourhood shops and restaurants have got shut down for good. This meant countless jobs lost foverver for the young Indians, for many this would’ve been their first paying job, a steppingstone to (hopefully) bigger roles in life. Yes, the online direct to consumer apps like Swiggy, Dunzo, Amazon & others have provided some income for these people to feed themselves. This year, with the (fingers crossed) receding infections, I pray for the small shops to come back and flourish. In this context, it feels good to see new supermarkets being opened. This one, Grace supermarket was opened…

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    Ranganathan Street on an early morning

    In Chennai aka Madras, T.Nagar’s Ranganathan Street is one of the most popular destinations for shopping. You can buy everything you would need for a small army here, right from textiles, footwear, kitchen utensils, grocery, electronics, jewellery, and everything in between. The area is known to be packed with a bustling crowd on any given day, especially before festival days when you will be squeezed from all sides even when you are just passing through the place. With basic caution from the shopper’s side, the place is safe to visit – while physical harassment of ladies and pickpocket thefts are non-zero occurrences, they are not common as well – the…

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    Coffee flavoured Bread

    I like it when popular brands experiment. The centuries-old (Since 1903) baker in Chennai, the McRennett has introduced a new variety of bread. Called Rich Coffee with Walnuts, it is priced at INR 65 (USD 0.9) for a loaf. Made with refined wheat flour (Maida) and palm oil, it may not be having the healthiest ingredients, but it tastes different and is good. I had a few slices toasted and with cheese slices, they were yummy. Disclosure: I write reviews about restaurants and food items that I have tried myself. There were no sponsorship or advertisement, or commission of any sort involved in this post. #breakfastitems #newflavors #chennaifoodblogger #ரொட்டி