• Lounge

    Fire Crackers in my dining table

    Its eve of Diwali and I come home to see a box of Lakshmi Crackers (Fire Crackers) on top of the Dining Table. Alarmed I started taking it outdoors, when my son came laughing – saying Dad you got fooled, they are just sweets (chocolates). Crackers look alike. Not to be outdone, I did the vanishing act of making the entire box of “crackers” disappear into my stomach.

  • Faith

    Deepavali 2016

    Today festival of lights and the triumph of good over evil is being celebrated as Deepavali festival across Tamil Nadu. Every year I look forward to Deepavali as you get to be with your extended family, burst crackers and eat loads of sweets and savouries without getting chastised by the wife.   In the part of Chennai where we live we are lucky to get Nadaswaram musicians come to every doorstep and play classical songs – for me listening to them play feels auspicious and great way to start the festival day. After they play few songs my mother is generous with her gifts of cash and sweets to them.  

  • Faith

    Karthikai Deepam

    Every year in many parts of Tamil Nadu people celebrate the festival of lights – Karthikai Deepam. This is different from Diwali, which is also called Festival of Lights. Here Karthikai indicates the current month (mid November to mid December) in Tamil Calendar. Deepam means lamp, indicating the glow from the wick of an oil lamp. In Karthikai Deepam function, people light oil lamps all around their houses and temple. Then pray to almighty to shine light in their lives just like the oil lamps. Karthigai festival in Tiruvannamalai temple, Tamil Nadu is very famous, there a huge holy fire is lit on top of a hill as an offering to Lord. At my house…

  • Chennai

    Crowd & Diwali Shopping

    Diwali is a season of joy & happiness in India. I look forward to Diwali (Deepavali as we call in Tamil) mainly for the sweets, time spent with relatives and for the fire crackers. One thing I despise during this time is the crowd everywhere and the traffic jams. For a month before Diwali, all the shopping districts in Chennai especially the Duraiswamy Subway and Panagal Park area becomes packed with people and vehicles from morning 8AM to night 11PM. So with Diwali about a week away I had to go for shopping today to get quite a lot of household items (Bed sheets, Pillow Covers, Towels, Trashcans & so…

  • Events

    Happy Deepavali 2011

    Wish you all a Happy Deepavali 2011 – the festival of lights. Today I had enjoyed my Deepavali celebrations with lots of crackers & sweets (yes, but I didn’t eat them all). Sharing a video below of a Multishot firecracker we fired from our house terrace today. Enjoy & play safe with crackers – remember there is no such thing as being overcautious when it comes to firecrackers.