• Chennai Trade Fair 2020
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    Chennai Trade Fair 2020

    Every January I make it a point to visit the annual Tourism and Trade Fair (இந்திய சுற்றுலா தொழிற் பொருட்காட்சி, சென்னை) that happens in Island Grounds, Chennai. Roaming through the shops and the stalls reminds me of the simpler times from my childhood when I used to hold my father’s hand and go there. It used to be fascinating just to see the variety of ‘cheap’ toys available there and intrigued by the displays in the Government department stalls. Now, the world has changed, everything is available on the Internet. My son doesn’t want to join me, he feels it is boring, but I still go there! The car parking is…

  • Chennai Trade Fair 2019 - 45ஆம் ஆண்டு இந்திய சுற்றுலா தொழிற் பொருட்காட்சி 2019

    Chennai Trade Fair 2019

    Every year, post Pongal festival, it is almost a tradition for me to visit the Chennai Trade Fair (இந்திய சுற்றுலா தொழிற் பொருட்காட்சி, சென்னை) that happens for the last 45 years at the Island Grounds in Chennai. In the past, I have covered my visits made on: 2007, 2009, 2012, 2016 & 2018. This time, I am being late, visited the Chennai Trade Fair 2019 only this week, a few days before it’s close for the year. Most of the shops have been pulled down and all the Government department booths are looking bare without the pictures of elected representatives (CM and Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu) due to upcoming Parliament…

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    Chennai Trade Fair 2018

    The annual Chennai Trade Fair that happens on Island Grounds has been always fun for me. You have shops selling handicrafts, pickles, utensils, watches, jewellery & more. There are games and rides for kids; Government stalls that have educative displays on various programs of different departments.

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    Chennai Trade fair 2016

    It’s always fun for me to visit the annual Chennai Trade Fair that happens in Island Grounds near the mouth of River Cooum. The visit is a bit nostalgic as well for me, as it brings back memory of my school days when my dad used to bring me to this fair every year. The fair is nothing fancy, it’s more like a large scale village market. You will find lot of eatable stalls, I love eating the big size Appalam (அப்பளம்), Cotton Candy (பஞ்சு மிட்டாய்) and Chilli Bajji (மிளகாய் பஜ்ஜி) that are sold here, but nowadays due to health and hygienic reasons I avoid eating them here. Beside eateries you will find cooperatives…

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    Chennai Trade fair 2012

    I like going to the annual Chennai Trade fair (38th India Tourist Industrial Fair as it is called) that happens every year in Island Grounds, Chennai – past postings for 2009 and 2007.  This year I have an added reason to go, to try my newly learnt Photography skills. I tried going there yesterday, being a Sunday it was crowded to the brim. No parking till Gymkhana club/Pallavan House, so I went home. But I returned today with a vengeance, armed with my newly bought Nikon TelePhoto Zoom lens (55mm-300mm). It was evening around 6PM when I entered with my son, place was sparsely crowded and spent next three hours…