If you go to a library on Tamil films, reach the rack on village stories, pick the first book covering father-son differences and go directly from there to the location for shooting, you will get Viruman (2022). The film gets a raw rating in the mangoidiots scale.

Karthi has done well the role of the village hero who is honest to a fault, strong as hercules, yet crumbles on the first instance for love & family. Debutant Aditi (Director Shankar‘s daughter) fits the role of the rural girl, impresses with her natural appearance and unpretentious acting. Surprisingly, comedian Soori has underplayed and shouts less, making him tolerable. Manoj Bharathiraja comes as one of the three brothers of the hero.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja was unmemorable. Every actor from Prakash Raj, Rajkiran, Vadivukkarasi, Saranya, Illavarasu to Singampuli have played roles and spoke dialogues which were indistinguishable from their earlier films. And this lack of freshness is the reason Viruman fails to engage you. Director M Muthaiah will do well to venture beyond his previous films like Marudhu (2016) and Kodiveeran (2017).

அதிதி, கார்த்தி - விருமன் (2022)

அதிதி, கார்த்தி – விருமன் (2022)

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