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    Blank compact discs

    What to do with all these? I used to buy blank discs& cases from Singapore & the USA whenever I travelled, as in those decades they were expensive in India. There used to be many variants over the years: Write-once CD, Re-Writeable CD, Write-Once DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, Double-Layer DVD and so on; many required newer drives and latest OS support to work. These are now sitting on my shelf for more than a decade. I don’t want to throw them – Marie Kondo to forgive – they may come to be needed, as data written on optical discs are supposed to last for a century. Though it is unlikely we…

  • TV Show Review

    Doogie Kameāloha, M.D. (TV Series 2021-)

    As a teenager, in the early 1990s, there were two TV shows on the then new private entertainment channel (Star Plus) in India that I watched with great interest and absolutely loved: One was the Wonder Years (1988-1993) which was a coming-of-age family comedy [Available on Disney+Hotstar] starring Fred Savage as the young boy Kevin Arnold; and the other was Doggie Howser, M.D. (1989-1993) starring Neil Patrick Harris playing the namesake as a 14-year Doctor and a child prodigy. Growing up watching them, these two are classics to me, and I felt sceptical when I read both are being remade this year. The former is produced by ABC, and I am…

  • Movie Review

    Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum (2021)

    In Kaaka Muttai (2015) we saw the aspiration of two young boys for tasting a Pizza used to communicate the poverty and sufferings of the slum residents in Indian cities. Likewise, an entire community running helter-skelter in search of a lost goat was the background for highlighting the stupidity of crowds in Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu (2017). In Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum (இராமே ஆண்டாலும் இராவணே ஆண்டாலும்) it is the loss of two bull cows, loved dearly by a young couple forms the plot to cover the impoverishment of Indian villages. Though an intriguing plot, the screenplay drifts into familiar scenes to highlight the corruption and the indifferent political system that…

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    Using Windows Sticky notes in iPhone & iPad

    I found a neat tip for #iPhone & #iPad if you are also using the OneNote/Sticky Notes app in Windows. Add #Outlook or #Hotmail in the iOS accounts & enable Notes. Now, you can use the Apple #Notes app to access the same notes that you have in Windows and Outlook.com.

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    Navarathri Golu 2021

    Today marks the beginning of Navarathri (Nine Days) festivals in Tamil Nadu, it is called Dasara in many other parts of India. During Navarathri the dolls and idols of Gods and Goddesses are kept exquisitely decorated in what is called in Tamil as Golu (கொலு). Last year, due to the horrible pandemic we had a small display (2020. You can view the display we had in our earlier years here: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2007 & 2004. This year we went for doing a little better, still scaled down, and started the work of bringing down the wooden planks, clothes, the dolls and the paraphilias two weeks back:…