A phone call is all that is needed for each of us to start giving back to society. All you need to do is tell a story! It is as if having your cake and eating it too! It can’t be simpler than this.


On my encouragement (brownie, brownie for me) my wife signed for this program. She got trained over a video call on how to do this – to tell a story and how to interact with the kid(s) she will be mapped to. They provide an online notebook with the stories to be told, the timeline, the steps (script) to be followed including the prompts and they have a tracking form that needs to be filled every day to check their progress. Smooth backend and process.


It has been nearly ten days and my wife is enjoying this thoroughly. She says it is touching to hear the child’s voice at the end with excitement every time she starts a story. The kid even writes her own story and tells it to my wife – creativity is everywhere and our kids in Tamil Nadu (and India) are the best. Details are on their website here.


I know Karthee Vidya from his days at Cognizant Technologies in Chennai where he was with their CSR division. For more than a decade he is running an NGO called Team Everest NGO that is doing phenomenal work for helping poor kids learn better and succeed in their ambition. I am a regular (tiny) donor as well for many years. I have come across many non-profits, but Karthee & the team run it professionally – no Jugaads or unplanned work.


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