I like Yogi Babu, and I was anticipating this film – தர்மபிரபு (2019), unfortunately, it turned out to be a dud. The first thirty minutes were enjoyable, but the next two hours felt like a trailer to a session of torture at hell.

The fantasy comedy happens in the world after death, with Radha Ravi being the current Yama (யமன்), ruling it. Due to his failing health, he coronates his son, the playful Yogi Babu as the new Yama. This angers the current Chitragupta who was eyeing the throne and he plots to sabotage Yogi Babu‘s rule so that Lord Siva (played by ‘Mottai’ Rajendran) will fire him. How Yogi Babu saves himself and wins over everyone is supposed to the story.

Yogi Babu’s character starts off well but quickly descends into being stale, so was all the main characters. The guest roles by Janani Iyer, Azhagam Perumal and Bose Venkat were better. The portrayal of dead leaders like Cho “Ramaswamy” reminded me of a recent Tamil stage play Thuglak Darbar by TV Varadarajan, and of Mahatma, Netaji, Periyar and Babasaheb of another Tamil stage play called 3ji by YGM. Though it was to convey a good message, it was out of place in a comedy movie and quickly became a documentary that was taking moral science lessons.

Watch the first thirty minutes and run away imagining the real Yama is coming for your life!

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